23 Nov

Removing the Calculus in Central London

Your teeth can be attacked by many things during your life in central London and one of the most fervent is plaque- it’s the thing that we all try to avoid when going about our daily oral hygiene. But it is a persistent thing and we only have to drop our guard for a day or two, and it’s crept in the back door. Once this demon has got a hold, it soon starts to form tartar and calculus around the base of the teeth. This is like cement when it sets in and will take a lot of work to remove. Your dentist will pick up on this and get to work on it straight away, which rather endorses the fact that you should keep up with your bi-annual visits. If this calculus is allowed to fester, it will start to choke the gums with will rapidly develop into gum disease and then tooth decay and then….you’ll lose your teeth. Aside from having your dentist on your side, you can buy your own dental kit and keep the problem in check, but there are some fabulous toothpaste’s on the market that can get to reduce the risk of this happening. And lets not forget some amazing electric pulse brushes that are designed to bust calculus.