19 Feb

Replacing missing teeth with a Dental Bridge in London

It’s never been easier or cheaper to have a dental bridge fitted in London, to replace one or two missing teeth with, and to maintain the general, good all round health of your mouth. There are three basic models of bridge on the market, and choosing one should be down to what your dentist suggests is right for you. If you’ve lost your tooth at the back of the mouth and there’s only a single tooth to bond to, a cantilever bridge is the best option- similar to the Maryland bridge that does the same job, but is bonded to more than one tooth. But the most common and most popular choice of bridge is fitted to the two adjacent teeth remaining. The replacement tooth is moulded to two crowns and then cemented onto is the teeth either side of the gap. For extra strength, the bridge can be used with an implant for extra hold. They can be colour toned to fit in with the surrounding teeth and starting from around £300, the cheapest method for replacing missing teeth. They do require extra vigilance to clean around, using small brushes and floss, but like any cosmetic dental procedures, if they are well looked after, a bridge should last you up to 20 years