21 Jul

Replacing your teeth in Central London

When it comes to teeth replacement in central London, there has been one technique that has revolutionised tooth loss over the past 30 years- the dental implant. Great new advances in technology, the ease of fitting an implant and its popularity has seen this treatment being offered in dentists all over the city, where once it was a very elite procedure. As a treatment on its own, it was originally designed to be the alternative for dentures. The implant would be located into the jaw with which to attach the new tooth to and this could be repeated throughout the mouth until all of the teeth were replaced. Once in, a dental implant is far more stable than a natural tooth root, far more resistant to infection and it’s in for life. The only other options to this were bridges, partial dentures or in the case of complete tooth loss, full dentures. Each of these treatments are great ways to retain the shape of the face, the health of the mouth and the way in which we bite. But the versatility of the dental implant was soon recognised by the dentists that offered the treatment, and soon, they were soon being used to give extra back-up to a bridge or dentures to ensure the fitting stayed firmly fixed in the mouth. Competition among dentists have also seen prices in implant treatments plummet, and what with dental insurance and payment plans, there’s never been a better time to consider getting it done.