09 Jul

Replacing Your Veneers In Central London

One of the greatest assets and most popular to the world of cosmetic dentistry in central London is the veneer: this magical treatment can take a jaded set of teeth and transform them into something rather princely. However, they do have incepted dates and from time to time, will have to be replaced; the time scale of this is down to the materials that they are made from. Composite veneers are resin based- quick and versatile, yet they are susceptible to staining, but they can last you around 5 years and when they do need replacing, it is a simple and harmless process to repeat to your teeth. Porcelain veneers are an altogether different process. Once they are fitted in, and as long as they are treated with respect, you can get around 15 years of use from them before they need to be replaced: considering that normally people start wearing veneers around the age of thirty, the veneers will only be have to be changed about three times during your life. However, all these figures are based on the on the idea that they won’t get damaged along the way. If they constantly have to be changed, for whatever reason, it can start to take its toll on the teeth below, as each time the teeth have to be prepared for a new fitting and on each occasion, a little bit more of the teeth disappear.