04 Oct

Restore confidence in your smile with bleaching from City of London dentist

Teeth can easily be affected by discolouration and staining. This can happen because of  lifestyle choices you make, such as smoking, from food and drink you ingest (with red wine and coffee being particularly big culprits) or simply just due to age and decay. The teeth are discoloured as staining substances and plaque gradually seep into the surface enamel of the teeth. Once this has happened the effects cannot be removed by natural cleaning. It will need a special procedure to return the teeth to their original colour.
Luckily, unlike about ten or twenty years ago, having a teeth whitening treatment is no longer as expensive as it was and is now available from all City of London dentists. Teeth whitening is a form of bleaching that uses a substance called hydrogen peroxide. This is applied to the teeth and left to seep into the enamel. This bleaches the discoloured areas and makes them look a more healthy and natural.
Whitening the teeth can even take years off your appearance as having whiter teeth is associated with youth. Treatments start from as little as sixty pounds depending on the extent of treatment needed. They last from anything between half an hour to an extended treatment carried out over several days or even weeks. It is even possible in some circumstances for the dentist to prepare special trays that can be used at home, making the treatment even more convenient.
Ask your dentist about the possibilities of teeth whitening at your next appointment. It could be just the lift your smile has needed and will hopefully restore your confidence in your smile, which is very important.