09 Feb

Restore your confidence with dentures from London dentist

Losing some or all of your teeth can be a very traumatic not to mention painful experience. It can affect your speech, facial muscles and your ability to eat many types of food but there is a solution. Although dentures have had a stigma attached in the past for being slightly unpleasant, unrealistic and poorly fitting, modern dentures are far superior and can restore both the functionality and appearance of a real set of teeth.
A good fitting set of dentures should be secured by suction alone but many people feel the need to use denture adhesive strips and gels. These are effective but can also be messy and prevent eating certain foods. Denture pads are available that eliminate the messy aspect but can also have their drawbacks. One modern alternative is to have a set of mini-implants fitted directly into then jaw bone. These then act as base to clip the dentures onto, removing the anxiety that dentures may fall out at an inopportune moment, a very common fear.
Dentures are suitable for eating almost all foods with few problems and can also help to maintain profile and restore speech. Some difficulties may be experienced when the dentures are first worn for a few days or even weeks but this is just a case of getting used to them. It is a good idea to discuss the possibility of dentures with a London dentist if you are considering them, in order to gain a clearer understanding of exactly what is involved in the manufacture and fitting process. Dentures can not only help to restore your teeth but can also go a long way to rebuilding your confidence after the initial pain and embarrassment of tooth loss.