07 Oct

Restoring your smile in London with a Dental Implant

One of the most distressing conditions that can hit you in London is that of tooth-loss. It can not only affect the future of your oral health, but it can floor you visually and puncture your confidence and self expression. So, it is important that you get the hole filled in with something. You can have a denture or a bridge fitted, but in both of these and one that will stand alone if need be is to have a dental implant fitted. This can not only help to ‘ground’ other fittings, but it is the most perfect way to house a crown to fill up the gap left by a lost tooth. In just a couple of hours, laser surgery will have one of these small titanium ‘roots’ screwed into the jawbone; once in it is there for life- it is very robust, and from there on in, it can hold any fitting of your choosing firmly and strongly. Although this is the best option you can go for, it can be expensive if the work is complex, so chat with your dentist about the various methods of paying for this, because you won’t look back once it has been done.