06 Dec

Revolutionary CEREC crown fitted by City of London dentist

CEREC is one of the most advanced dental products available anywhere in the world. It offers same day dental restorations including the fitting of crowns, veneers and inlays. Saving huge amounts of time and laboratory work, the CEREC system allows dentists to design, manufacture and fit ceramic restorations in a single trip producing a final result that is a stunningly accurate dental restoration indistinguishable from a natural tooth.
CEREC was first created by Professor W. Mörmann and Dr. M Brandestini in Switzerland in 1980. The first treatment was carried out in 1985 and the technology has been advancing and improving ever since. Today it is used by a growing number of dentists all over the world and represents the future of dental technology.
It works by utilising digital x-rays and 3D imaging to build up an accurate three-dimensional portrait of the patient’s mouth. The dentist can then use this to design an accurate ceramic restoration before instructing a computer-guided mill to sculpt the desired product from a single piece of porcelain. This milling can take as little as six minutes which, when compared to the days or even weeks of laboratory work it used to take is really a remarkable leap forward. Because the porcelain is sculpted from a single piece it means it is much stronger than layered replacements.
Once fabricated, the dental replacements are cemented into place with dental bonding producing a perfect dental restoration that can even be matched to the existing teeth colour. City of London dentists are now using CEREC technology to offer outstanding and revolutionary dental treatment to all patients.