01 May

Revolutionary Six Month Smile brace from Central London dentist

Orthodontics has undergone something of a revolution in the last ten years. There are a number of new straightening tools on the market to suit the needs of all patients. One of the latest and most impressive is called the Six Month Smile braces, so called because it aims to straighten teeth in only six months. Thanks to new braces such as Six Month Smile, many patients are finally changing the way they feel about wearing a brace.
Many patients have been put off in the past because of the unsightly appearance of braces but the Six Month Smile brace has taken a modern approach addressing and improving these issues. Still retaining the straightening power of a traditional fixed metal brace, the Six Month Smile brace has tried to give it more of an aesthetic twist.
Maintaining the same amount of power without using the same amount of force is the key to the Six Month Smile’s success in providing a more comfortable straightening experience. They have also designed the brace to have clear fixed brackets and tooth coloured wires, making it seem a lot less imposing in the mouth, one of the main complaints against old fixed braces. In fact, it is quite hard to see the Six Month brace unless standing very close to the patient.
Many patients therefore find that the Six Month Smile causes far less disruption to their life than they had previously imagined. More comfortable and less visually intrusive but still capable of producing stunning straight teeth and a beautiful smile, ask your Central London dentist about the very latest in orthodontic straightening.