24 Sep

Revolutionary teeth straightening with Six Month smile from City of London dentist

Six Month Smile braces are a revolutionary new form of orthodontic straightening device that combines proven and traditional straightening methods with new materials and techniques to produce stunning results in just six months. For many years, orthodontic straightening was dominated by the fixed metal brace, which though effective had many obvious and unpleasant side effects. These ranged from the aesthetic impact to the irritation they often caused and painful tightening appointments.
Six Month Smile treatments are based on tried and tested methods but they have made improvements that have significantly improved the treatment. Most obviously is the time factor. Traditional braces could take as long as three years to be fully effective. This treatment time has been slashed by the Six Month brace. Six Month braces have also improved on the aesthetic appearance of braces, using clear and white coloured plastic and ceramic materials to make the brackets and wires. They are also smaller and so look a lot less intrusive in the mouth.
The brace also uses a lower level of force which means they are not as painful and don’t require as many tightening appointments. The reason Six Month is able to achieve all this is because they focus their attention on the parts of the dental arc that can be seen when smiling. This makes them perfect for teenagers and young professionals keen to put the finishing touches to their smiles. For more information, make an appointment to see a City of London dentist. They can provide you with more details about how the braces work and give you some idea of your suitability and cost.
See for yourself how far brace technology has come with the Six Month Smile brace from a City of London dentist.