14 Jan

Ridding Yourself Of Bad Teeth In Central London

You’d think that having bad teeth would have been resigned to history, especially with the amount of fine products on the market and the great abilities that dentists have to try out their latest gadgets to look after your teeth. Of course, life in a hectic place like central London isn’t quite that simple. It can be easy to take the eye of the ball and then all the bad things like bacteria and plaque can get in, do their damage and run amok. But on all levels of problems, you can be safe in the knowledge that everything that may go wrong can be rectified and if you feel you need help, always ask your dentist. Generally, it’s the way your teeth look to others that define if you have bad teeth, but behind the scenes of good looking teeth, things may still go wrong. The most obvious of problems is tooth decay, but this can be put right with a filling or a root canal. Discoloured teeth or those that have become worn with things like cracks or gaps can be whitened or covered up with veneers. Tooth loss can add to the aura of bad teeth, but partial dentures, bridges and implants with crowns can help to get your smile looking fresh again. But the more you let your teeth worsen, the more expensive it will be to get them back on track again. Keeping your teeth, gums and mouth healthy plus regular visits to the dentist will at least limit the damage being done throughout your life.