03 Jan

Ridding Yourself Of Decay With A Root Canal In The City Of London

 At all times, tooth decay in the city of London is something that needs to be avoided: in the earliest of its incarnations, you may be lucky enough to get off lightly with a filling. Ignore it and let the decay grow, then you are going to have to have a root canal. At the ‘filling’ stage, it means that the decay has just started to break through the surface of the tooth and that no serious damage has been done to the tooth or the roots. At the root canal stage, it means that the pulp and the roots inside the tooth have both become diseased. The tooth can be saved and you can get at least prolong its longevity by having the insides removed: the poisoned pulp needs first to be removed before the rotten roots can also be removed. This used to be a bit of a painful treatment before lasers came along, but it’s routine today. Once done, the tooth can be filled and then crowned to restore it to its former glory. You still may only get a good ten years out of the tooth, but by having this procedure done, it will also stop any chance of an abscess breaking out (if it hasn’t already). It will also limit infection spreading to other teeth and reduce the chances of gum and periodontal disease breaking out throughout your mouth.