20 Aug

Ridding yourself of evil with a Root Canal in the City of London

It is true to say that in the past, root canal treatment hasn’t exactly won over the hearts of dental patients in the city of London, probably because it could be extremely painful. It was always a good idea on paper, but to put into practise was a different matter all together because the tools to carry out the operation with were a bit primitive. It can also be a delicate procedure to perform if you haven’t come packed with the right tools. The whole thing about this treatment is designed to save a tooth that has been badly affected by decay that has infected the tooth from the top to the roots. In order to do this, it involves a dentist taking the top off and then removing the rotten pulp inside in order to remove the infected roots below, in the past that could be painful with an old drill, but today, a laser can get in and out in seconds, without you having to have the tooth being numbed beforehand. Once all this has been done, the tooth can then be refilled and if required, capped with a crown. Sounds ghastly, but it really is a routine operation today.