27 Apr

Rising Awareness about Gum Care in London

Although the dental cosmetic industry has gained much momentum in the last few decades in grooming one’s overall personality, awareness regarding overall oral care and hygiene still occupies a backseat among many people. While at one hand, people are concentrating their efforts on building a spectacular set of teeth with dental procedures like teeth whitening and others, on the other hand their gums are being the subject of much neglect. However, the point is to concentrate on the general oral health and thereby ensure a healthy set of teeth and gums, as opposed to just beautiful teeth.The cause has received support from several dental practitioners from London, with the Gum Disease Awareness Week to draw some serious attention of people towards the otherwise neglected gum conditions. The role of healthy gums is undeniable when it comes to a beautiful and healthy set of teeth. Moreover, it is to this end that practitioners from almost everywhere in the planet have joined hands in furthering the consciousness among people affected by gum problems whatsoever.
Latest researches conducted in the field have proved that more than 75% of the world populations above 35 years of age are affected by gum diseases, the symptoms of which have been prevalent among 50% of them since their teenage – if only they were aware! To make things even worse, gum diseases do not always manifest themselves in symptoms and as per reports, more than 90% of the entire world’s adult population suffer from some sort of gum disease. In fact, bad breath is also a condition commonly related to bad gum conditions and improper oral hygiene. The requirements here are regular dental checkups and early diagnosis so that gum diseases and other related problems are a less pestering problem among people!