07 Mar

Root Canal Surgery in the City of London

Root canals are a routine procedure for many dentists in the City of London. They are one of the two types of treatment that are available for individuals suffering from an abscessed tooth, a painful and aggressive condition. A root canal is surgery that focuses on the infection at the root of the tooth, this is a deep infection that is normally caused by either severe tooth decay or a recent tooth trauma.
The root canal system includes the dental pulp and extends from the crown of the tooth (the surface) to the tip of the root. The dental pulp consist of soft tissue that comprises small blood vessels and neuronal cells. When infectious bacteria invade the pulp, a fatal process beings. Following this colonization, the bacteria will begin to multiply and the chemicals they release will be emitted from the end of the root canal system through a small entry used by the blood vessels and nerves. This process is ongoing as the bacteria are free to pass down the root canal without meeting any obstacles, this causes the gum tissue around the end of the tooth to become sore and inflamed. This can normally result in painful gums and in extreme cases can result in an abscessed tooth.
During surgery, the infection is drained from inside the root, the root canal is filled and then sealed with either a filling or, more commonly, a crown. In most cases, antibiotics will also be given in order to ensure the infection is properly exterminated.
Root canal treatment should be relatively painless as local anaesthetic is usually used. The procedure has a very impressive success rate and in fact differs only slightly to the experience of having a filling. Usually, a tooth can survive a further ten years following treatment via a root canal.