29 Aug

Root canal treatment by London dentists

hen the internal structure of a tooth is damaged one can go in for root canal treatment. It treats the damaged tooth and restores it to a state of normalcy. The early symptom of a damaged tooth is sensitivity to hot or cold food and slight pain while chewing.
A detailed examination of your tooth will enable the dentist to analyse the extent of damage caused. The examination is basically done by taking an x-ray of your teeth. This is done in order to analyse the underlying bone and the root of the teeth.
The dentist begins by asking whether you have symptoms like aching and throbbing while chewing. He will also enquiry about any injury or any other medical condition that you may have had related to the teeth.
The London dentists will then look for cavities and assess the condition of the existing fillings that you may have undergone in the past. He will evaluate the condition of your teeth by checking for loose teeth, check for pain in the tooth by tapping it and thereby assess the state of the gums.
X-ray enables the London dentist to view the internal and surrounding part of the tooth. It also helps the dentist to tract down unhealthy changes that might be occurring in the teeth.
The tooth basically consists of two parts, the crown and the root. The part that is visible above the gums is called crown. On the other hand the root is responsible for anchoring the tooth to the jawbone. Within the root and the crown lies a soft tissue also known as pulp, which helps in nourishing the tooth. It is main function is to stop bacteria from attacking the tooth.
Incase the tooth is attacked by some bacteria, it eventually destroys the pulp and leading to breakdown of the bone and loosing of tooth.
Root canal treatment removes the pulp from the root canal through an opening made in the top. The canal is then disinfected and cleaned and then sealed. The necessary filling is done toward the end of the treatment. One needs to make more than one visit in order to get completely diagnosed.