11 Nov

Root canal treatment from London dentist relieves pain of toothache

Of all the most feared dental procedures none is so iconic as the root canal. The obvious reason behind this is the presence of the dentist’s drill. But is the root canal treatment really that bad? Well, put simply, not really. In fact root canal treatments are often some of the most important procedures in dentistry, that can make the difference between keeping and losing a tooth. Ask anybody who has suffered the pain of a toothache or tooth abscess and been given some relief by a root canal and they would probably tell you the same.
A dentist will use a root canal when a cavity has extended to the point it has broken through to the root of the tooth. This then becomes infected and the infection gradually eats away the pulp and attacks the nerve. These nerves can be incredibly sensitive and the source of some of the nastiest toothaches. The dentist needs to get inside the tooth and remove all the infected material and depending on the state of the nerve, possibly remove that as well. If the infection has killed the root, the tooth may no longer hurt but the infection is still capable of spreading to other teeth and even entering the bloodstream.
The dentist uses the famous drill to penetrate to the root of the tooth. They will then extract any infected mater before filling the cavity with medicine to destroy any residual infection. The root canal will then be filled and possibly crowned to preserve the structural integrity of the tooth. The whole of the root canal will take place under a local anaesthetic so there is no reason why it should be any more painful than any other dental procedure.
After the surgery the patient may feel some numbness or pain for a few days but this will usually pass and can be controlled with over-the-counter pain relief. The bad reputation of a root canal is perhaps more associated with the pain that precedes it than the operation itself. A root canal could bring an end to some very unpleasant sensations and still leave you with your own tooth at the end of it. Credit where credit is due.
If you are suffering from a toothache, or have been recently, make an appointment with a London dentist as soon as possible and a root canal could offer you the relief you’ve been looking for.