13 Oct

Root canal treatment from London dentist saves patient's tooth

One dental procedure conjures up fear more than all the others. The dreaded root canal treatment, with its association with drills, is one of the most iconic of the nasty dental surgeries. However, the reality is slightly different. A root canal treatment is actually one of the most useful dental procedures that can make the difference between keeping a tooth and losing it. A successful treatment can alleviate pain and significantly reduce the need for further expensive treatment.
When a tooth becomes infected it is attacked by the bacteria and begins to die. This can be very painful as the infection occurs in the sensitive centre of the tooth, where all the nerve endings are located. A root canal will remove all the infected pulp, before filling the cavity with medicine and sealing it so no further infection can occur. This way, you may loose the sensitivity of the tooth, but the pain and infection will be gone, and you still have your original tooth.
The procedure will be carried out under anaesthetic, so there is no reason why a root canal should be any more painful than a regular filling. Although the dentist may need to use the drill, it really is only the sound and image that terrifies patients. The dentist will even numb the area with gel before he injects the anaesthetic.
Once the cavity has been filled, a crown or veneer is usually placed over the top to preserve the integrity of the tooth. Root canals are often the only option available to dentists to save the tooth. If the tooth is not treated or removed, the infection can quickly spread to other teeth in the mouth and can even infiltrate the bloodstream causing further medical problems, including heart disease.
As you can see, far from being feared, a root canal can be one of the most beneficial dental treatments. For anyone who has experienced the searing pain of an infected tooth, a root canal can be the blessing that removes the pain. If you think you have an infected tooth, even if the pain appears to have gone away, make an appointment with a London dentist who will be able to fully examine your teeth for infections and abscesses.