06 Nov

Root Canal Treatment – The Easy and Effective Way

Learn more about root canal treatment with the dentists of London

A procedure used to fix and save decayed or infected teeth, root canal treatment involves the removal of the damaged tissue from the inside of a tooth. Once the pulp underneath the layers is exposed, there is a high chance of inflammation and possible necrosis (pulp death) – as well as severe damage or pain to the tooth.
Root canal treatment can require one or more appointments and is carried out by a dental practitioner or endodontist (root canal specialist). Firstly a full oral examination (including radiographs) will be carried out and if necessary, local anaesthetic will be used. A latex sheet is positioned around the tooth to ensure the area is kept dry and clean before an opening is made at the top of the tooth. Next, the pulp is removed from the pulp chamber and the root canals are cleaned and shaped in a way that will allow them to be securely sealed. Once the root canals are filled and sealed, the opening in the top of the tooth is filled with a temporary seal – then with future appointments, the progress of the root canal and filling can be monitored and adjusted should further treatment be needed.
Your dentist will provide you with the appropriate aftercare following the operation, but you should also visit your dentist regularly to ensure longevity of your teeth and good oral hygiene.

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