09 May

Safe Amalgam Fillings in London Dental Clinics

Despite the controversy surrounding the application of amalgam fillings because of its mercury content, many people are still going to their London dentists to have their teeth repaired with amalgam fillings.
Amalgam fillings consist of liquid mercury, silver and shavings of tin, copper or zinc.
Why are amalgam fillings still preferred over white and composite fillings?
• Fights bacteria. Amalgam is bacteriostatic, hence it prevents bacterial growth.
• Cost effective. Amalgam fillings cost much lower than white fillings which are not as durable.
• Strongest material. Amalgam has been proven to be stronger than any of the newer fillings.
• Easy application. Amalgam is easier to prepare and insert into cavities than composite fillings, hence will not take much of the patient’s time.
• Adaptable. The dentist can easily change amalgam application techniques to adapt to the needs of the patient.
• Durable. Amalgam fillings last much longer than composite fillings.
Besides, amalgam has been in use as dental fillings for the last 200 years. The British Dental Association and other U.S. dental associations have released a statement that amalgam fillings are good and safe materials to repair decayed teeth. Their arguments include the following:
• Amalgam fillings do not contain free mercury.
• A person needs 265 to 310 amalgam fillings to feel even just a slight effect of mercury toxicity.
• Mercury, when combined with other materials in a dental amalgam, changes its chemical nature and becomes inert.
• There are no controlled studies that have linked amalgam fillings to any specific medical problem.
The only thing some people do not like about amalgam fillings is the silver colour, but if you are more concerned about durability and long-lasting prevention against bacteria, you should call your London dentist and schedule an appointment for amalgam fillings.