21 Mar

Safe and Precise Root Canal Treatment in City of London

Also referred to as endodontics, a root canal treatment is usually done when the nerves of your tooth are believed to be infected or injured. Before being recommended this treatment, your City of London dentist will first make a proper assessment of your teeth’s condition.
At this point, it is important that you understand the need to undergo a root canal treatment before the pulp becomes too infected, resulting to abscess. If still untreated, the infection could spread to the rest of the tooth and it might be necessary to extract it.
Basically, the root canal treatment is designed to:
• Remove infection
• Clean the infected tooth
• Fill the infected tooth in order to protect it from another infection
During your first visit to the dentist, the pulp that is infected will be removed. In addition, all abscesses will be drained and the root canal will be thoroughly-cleaned as well as shaped as part of the preparation for a temporary filling.
On your second visit, the tooth will be checked for any signs of infection. If there are none found, your dentist can now fill the tooth permanently.
Although a root canal treatment can be painful, keep in mind that it is better to save the infected tooth than leave it until it rots out or even have it extracted. Most dentists would recommend this procedure in order for you to enjoy more natural teeth.
Caring for your tooth after a root canal treatment will require nothing special. Your City of London dentist will probably suggest a good oral hygiene program, healthy lifestyle and proper diet in order to ensure perfect oral health.