15 Mar

Safe Tooth Extraction by Reliable London Dentist

One of the most common dental procedures is tooth extraction. In order to feel more comfortable with the idea of having your tooth removed by a London dentist, it will probably help if you learn about what this procedure involves.
Simply put, tooth extraction is the removal of one or more teeth as part of a treatment program. There are actually a lot of reasons why your dentist will recommend extraction of the tooth and they include the following:
• Decaying tooth – if not extracted, it could lead to nerve damage and painful abscess due to infection
• Teeth crowding – if your teeth are simply too big for your mouth resulting to crooked teeth. Removal of a tooth or several teeth will solve this problem.
• Impacted tooth – when one of your tooth is impacted
• Gum disease – if the tooth have loosened because of damage to the bone and ligaments that hold it in place
The tooth extraction procedure will involve the use of sedative to help alleviate your anxiety as well as anaesthesia. Depending on your preference, you can choose to stay awake or be asleep for the entire procedure.
Using an elevator and special forceps, your dentist will first loosen the target tooth and then move it gently until the actual extraction. You should expect bleeding from the site and there are even cases when the procedure will require stitches.
Some swelling and discomfort will be experienced after the tooth extraction. You could ask your dentist for a mild pain reliever. There are actually very few complications that come with this dental procedure including:
• Sever pain
• Fever
• Prolonged bleeding
• Severe swelling
If you experience any of these, you should immediately contact your London dentist