12 Jun

Safer imaging with digital x-rays from Central London dentist

The world around us is constantly changing as new technology changes the way we live our lives and the possibilities of what we can achieve. The world of dentistry is no different and is constantly evolving and improving thanks to the introduction of new technology. One of the most significant new technologies in dentistry is the digital x-ray.
This has made possible treatments that would have been almost unimaginable twenty or even ten years ago. For example, digital x-rays have allowed the introduction of Cerec technology, a system that allows dentists to design, manufacture and fit dental restorations like veneers and crowns in just a single appointment. This has drastically reduced waiting times and procedure times for all patients.
Digital x-rays also have several other distinct advantages over the more traditional form of imaging. The images produced by a digital x-ray are available to the dentist almost immediately, as opposed to the time it used to take to develop traditional x-ray film. This has reduced treatment time and allowed dentists to be a lot more efficient.
Digital x-ray images can also be stored on a computer. This means they can be compared more closely to other previous x-rays and the computer can highlight any changes between the two images. This has resulted in dentist being more able to distinguish even the most subtle changes in the teeth and spot any problems or symptoms that may have occurred.
Digital x-rays also require significantly less radiation than their more old-fashioned counterparts. This means they are safer to use for both patients and Central London dentists who need to x-ray on a daily basis. You can find out more information about digital x-rays and their benefits at your next check up or by asking your dentist.