17 Jul

Save your smile with porcelain veneers from London dentist

Cosmetic dentistry offers an array of incredible treatments to restore both the appearance and functionality of the teeth. Even for patients with teeth that are in very poor condition, there are ways to almost completely restore the teeth and create a beautiful smile. In many cases this may involve the process of designing and fitting porcelain veneers.
These are small ceramic caps that are designed to fit over the existing teeth to improve the appearance of uneven, damaged or worn teeth. They are also commonly used for teeth suffering from discolouration. The veneers are cemented in place using dental bonding, which is also coloured white for maximum aesthetic effect.
Porcelain veneers are capable of producing stunning results and transforming the smile and even total appearance of the face. They can last up to twenty years if they are properly cleaned and maintained, with any small adjustment needed being made by your London dentist.
In the past, the process of manufacturing porcelain veneers was quite lengthy, requiring several dental moulds and a number of dental x-rays. However, new technology called Cerec has made possible the design, manufacture and installation of porcelain veneers in just one appointment. This new computer-based technology utilises three-dimensional imaging and digital x-rays to provide the dentist with the necessary tools for this amazing treatment.
Porcelain veneers also have a functional role to play, protecting sometimes very fragile tooth enamel from further exposure. This is especially true in cases of worn enamel where the teeth may be under threat from decay and disease. Porcelain is a very resilient substance, similar to enamel in both structure and appearance.