24 Jan

Saying Goodbye to Metal Teeth at a London clinic

Getting the perfect straight teeth without being tagged with a metal mouth is now possible with the new invisible braces, wherein the foremost creator being Invisalign. Invisalign’s invisible braces make use of plastic aligners to help gradually move the teeth into the right position.
Its aligners are clear and custom made to make sure that they fit snugly over your teeth. Just like regular braces, the aligners are worn for a period of two weeks before being replaced by the next batch to help tighten and move the teeth into the right position.
They feature aligners made of transparent material that are rough to detect when used, helping to straighten your teeth without the awkwardness and self-conscious feel of the metal. They are also not bonded to the teeth hence they’re more comfortable to use and can be conveniently removed when eating, drinking, brushing, and flossing.
Leading London dentist has been treating his patients using Invisalign since 2003. Believing that a smile can give more courage and increase confidence with a perfectly straight “mouth full of perfectly straight teeth can increase confidence and give the courage to smile more, he has successfully treated more than 400 patients using Invisalign’s invisible braces.
He thinks that people are hesitant to fix their crooked teeth because of the thought of having to wear metal braces or go through invasive cosmetic dental procedures like dental veneers. He believes that Invisalign can help straighten the teeth without precision minus the barriers that go with having traditional metal braces.
Like most types of dental treatments, the cost is determined by your dentist and would depend on the complexity of a case and the necessary course of treatment. The price range is comparable to those of traditional metal braces. Costs might vary per each individual but it can surely bring out great results, even as soon as 9 to 18 months from beginning of treatment.