17 Apr

Scaling and polishing your teeth; A Central London dentist advises on the procedure

It`s called Scaling because it looks like the type of scale that is left behind by Lime Scale on a tap, says a Central London dentist. The dentist will start by using a small hand held tool that looks like a sharp ended crook that a shepherd uses, this will be used to scrape off the white tartar and sticky bacteria that gets in between our teeth. Usually brushing, flossing and strong mouth washes won`t get rid of this scale. Once it is picked off, the dentist will use a water spout that vibrates in between the teeth, this will wash off any loosened material and debris that is left. If you suffer from receding gums then you may need a local anaesthetic, this is so the dentist can get to the tartar that is embedded onto the top and bottom of your teeth. To do this they will need to plane the tooth to get all the debris off. It is important to get it all as it will only eat into the teeth and you`ll lose them much earlier than necessary. Polishing will be the next stage, this is so the teeth will lose their discolouration and become white again. The method used by most dentists is to blend the enamel and work it into a better colour, the polish up will also smooth the teeth`s surface to make it look more natural. This will happen at your 6 monthly visits to the dentist, and so it is very important that you keep that appointment if you want give your teeth the best chance of staying with you for most of your life. Many people lose their teeth prematurely, simply because they fail to keep up their 6 monthly check ups