11 May

Scared of your London dentist

Well you aren’t the only one! There are many people who are scared to death of the dentist but don’t really admit to it! There can be many reasons for being afraid of the dentist but you can’t really avoid treating yourself for ever can you. Today let’s talk about a few ways to deal with dental fears and how to control them.
1. On your first appointment get used to your dentist and discuss your fears with him. Mention everything which scares you and why. It’s not really necessary to do treatment on the first appointment unless it’s an emergency.
2. Ask your dentist to describe the entire treatment process in detail to avoid getting scared of sudden new appliances or equipment. Familiarize yourself with your procedure and then try to relax.
3. Arrange a signal with your dentist so that you can tell him when to stop if you are starting to panic. Don’t forget you’ve got his fingers in your mouth!
4. If you are scared of any particular appliance then ask to look at it beforehand like needles or the dental drill. This way you know what to accept and how they look like.
5. Most dentists keep a mirror handy to show patients the restoration. If needed keep a mirror handy to look at the procedure while he his working. But please be careful you don’t impinge in the dentist’s work field.