20 Jun

Sealing the problems of your Kid’s Teeth in London

Kids will always get up to things as soon as you turn your back on them and you should know this- you were one yourself once in London. They will be downing the worst carbonated drinks and eating sweets and chocolate like a three course meal. Even if you have taught them to clean their teeth twice a day, that is poor defence against all that beautiful sugar and before long they will be in the dentists chair having fillings to compensate against the tooth decay they have developed, and that can get costly because they will still do it. However, there is one brilliant precaution you can take to prevent these nightmares- dental sealants. What it involves is dragging your child to the dentist and getting them to sit in the chair again; then, a thin but strongly film will be gently and painlessly melted and moulded onto the surfaces of the teeth, which should only take a few minutes to set. And that’s it! The sealant will last for years and will prevent any bacteria getting onto the surfaces of the teeth and will stave off any dental cavities and decay. By the time the sealant fades, your children will have learnt about the dangers that tooth decay can cause and look after themselves better- hopefully!