17 Jul

Sealing Your Kid’s Teeth In London

Having been a child once yourself in London, you should also know then your kids will have that same, beautiful and indestructible naivety that you once had: ignorance is bliss. You should also know too that anything that tastes fantastic to a child is probably going to be bad for their teeth: chocolates, fizzy drinks- anything with a nice dose of sugar in are hypnotic to children….ah memories eh? Now, you can try your hardest to teach them about sugar (though that will fall on deaf ears), you can show them how brush properly, but again, kids don’t understand the importance of it all. This raises the issue of tooth decay, and it is still very prevalent in kids today. However, there is something that you can do and then you won’t have to worry about anything when they are away from you- fit them with dental sealants. This involves taking them to the dentist, having their teeth cleaned and then gently moulding a thin layer of plastic onto the surfaces of the teeth. It won’t take that long to do and once all of the most vulnerable teeth have been covered up, there isn’t a chance of bacteria getting under, in and onto the surfaces of the teeth, hence, no chance of decay and reduced dental bills! They should last around ten years too so that should be a huge weight off your mind, so why not celebrate yourself with a box of chocolates bought with the money you will save?!