07 Mar

Secret to getting rid of bad breath revealed by City of London dentist

The fact that you’re reading this obviously means that you are concerned about bad breath. It can certainly be a very worrying condition. Not only is it quite unpleasant and embarrassing but it is also very hard to now if you are suffering unless you have the misfortune to be told by someone else.
The fact is that there is no secret magical remedy to getting rid of bad breath apart from good old-fashioned common sense. The one-treatment cure promised by various internet marketing campaigns and oral health products may be misleading you. According to City of London dentists the only real way to get rid of bad breath is to improve your oral hygiene routine. This involves spending more time on effective brushing and flossing.
Most cases of bad breath are caused by bacteria in the mouth, releasing nasty smelling sulphur compounds that are then carried out on the breath. These bacteria live on food particles trapped in the teeth or in the groves of the tongue. Oral products such as mouthwash may kill the majority of this bacteria but they also destabilise saliva production which causes the problem to return. Brushing and flossing, and even tongue cleaning, remove bacteria and food naturally but also allow the mouth to function as normal to keep the remaining bacteria at a stable level. Cit of London dentists advise that you should brush your teeth for three minutes twice a day and also floss at least once a day. Drinking water after meals can also help to keep bacteria and food debris to a minimum. There you have it, no magic solution, just a little bit more hard work.