15 Nov

Secure dentures with mini-implants from London dentist

For denture wearers one of the main concerns can be the fear of them falling out at an inopportune moment. Dentures should be held in by suction alone, but if they are ill fitting this is very often not the case. The structure of the gums is often changed by wearing dentures which means that the suction is lost and the dentures begin to feel loose. This leads many patients to use dental adhesive strips or gels, which secure dentures but are also very messy and can prohibit the eating of certain foods. They are also a lot of fuss and involve a great deal of extra cleaning.
There is now another alternative for patients who are concerned about loose dentures and one that offers a permanent solution. Mini-implants can be secured into the jawbone itself and used to anchor the dentures. This new solution provides extra security and removes the need for messy adhesives giving the denture wearer the confidence to carry on with their life without having to worry about their teeth.
About 1.8 millimetres thick, mini-implants are roughly the same width as a toothpick and require only minimal surgery to fix them to the jawbone. In most instances each set of dentures will require six implants. These will be drilled into the jawbone and secured and then left for two to three weeks to allow the bone and gum tissue to fuse to the implant in a process called osseointergration.
The dentist will then be able to fix metal wells and clips into the patients dentures which allow them to snap on and off to the implants. The clips can even be fitted to the patient’s existing dentures which keeps the cost of treatment down. Once secured, the dentures allow the wearer the complete freedom to sit down and enjoy whatever meal they choose without having to worry about their dentures.
Losing your teeth can be an embarrassing and painful experience but with the advent of new denture technology such as mini-implants there is no need why this pain and anxiety has to continue. Mini-implants allow denture wearers to relax and enjoy life as if they had their own teeth, free form the worry of embarrassment. Ask a London dentist about the benefits of mini-implants at your next check up.