17 Oct

Secure dentures with mini implants from London dentist

A well-made and properly fitting denture should be secured by suction alone, but due to the absence of teeth the integrity of the jawbone deteriorates and the dentures begin to slip out of place. This can be a source of great embarrassment to denture wearers. After all, you wouldn’t want everyone to know you wear dentures. This leads many denture wearers to resort to using adhesive strips or gels. These can be messy and prohibit the eating of certain foods.
A recent technological breakthrough has offered a new alternative to suction and adhesive. Dentures can now be stabilised by using mini dental implants, or MDIs, that are anchored into the lower jawbone. The procedure takes little more than a couple of hours and many patients are stunned at the level of stability they can provide. No more worrying and anxiety that your dentures are going to slip out at an inopportune moment.
The implants are 1.8 millimetres thick (roughly the same as a wooden toothpick) and require minimal surgery to implant. Once the patient is anaesthetised, the dentist uses the drill to make holes for the implants. In most procedures there are six implants for each row of teeth. In most cases the patient does not even require a new set of dentures, as wells are simply made in their existing set. Clips are put into these wells that allow the dentures to snap on and off. This means the dentures are secured but can also be removed. The process is so simple that most patients are ready to enjoy an anxiety and pain-free dinner the same evening. Just imagine, all those hours of worry and stifling smiles could be over in just one afternoon. London dentists are available to offer advice to denture wearers and assess whether they are suitable candidates for these revolutionary new mini implants.