14 Oct

Secure modern dentures from City of London dentist

City of London dentists have been replacing lost teeth with dentures for many years but the dentures they are able to fit these days are a vast improvement on the dentures of the past. Modern dentures are made of modern plastics and ceramics and look more lifelike, feel more comfortable and are better fitting than ever before. This comes as some relief to the many thousands of patients each year that have lost their teeth and need to be fitted with dentures. But how and why do patients lose their teeth and end up needing dentures?
The most common reason for needing dentures is lost teeth due to decay and disease. Tooth decay and gum disease are very common amongst adults due to a lack of oral hygiene and understanding about how you need to look after your teeth. Once decay has taken hold it is very hard to halt the process, which affects more and more teeth in the mouth. The other very common reason for needing dentures is having teeth knocked out in an accident such as a car crash or sporting injury. These can be very damaging and result in the loss of many teeth in the same instance.
Luckily for patients who have lost teeth, dentures can now be fitted with the minimum of fuss and they can completely restore the appearance of lost teeth. Modern dentures should fit by suction alone and should not require any messy dental adhesives but some patients often feel that these are necessary. In these cases, the dentist can fit small metal screws called mini-implants. These are drilled directly into the jawbone and act as a secure clip base for the dentures. They can easily be fitted in and removed and allow the patient to carry on with life without the fear of their dentures falling out.