13 May

Sedation: A Way to Maximize London Dental Care

Undergoing dental care does not have to be scary, stressful or painful. Your London dentist can perform sedation to help you overcome dental phobias and make your dental visit anxiety- and stress-free.
Many dental problems remained unattended because people refused to visit their dentists due to dental phobias. Most often, they will have to wait until their teeth problems worsened before they go and see their dentists.
Through sedation, a patient may undergo dental care or treatment without feeling fear or anxiety. The sedation dentistry procedure involves:
• The use of sedatives to make the patient relax and allow the dentist to perform dental care and treatment.
• Sedatives, such as anxiolytics and tranquilizers, are administered on patients and affect their central nervous system (CNS).
There are various types of sedation that may aid dental procedures:
• Oral conscious – this type of sedation involves giving oral sedatives to patients before they undergo dental treatment.
• Inhalation – a sedation process that makes use of nitrous oxide, popularly known as laughing gas, to eliminate pain and produce a desirable and warm feeling on dental patients.
• Intravenous – involves administering of a drug that will make the dental patient relax through an injection.
• Intramuscular – injection of a sedative drug into the upper arm or upper thigh muscles.
• Local anaesthesia – it lessens the pain but does not deaden the patient’s awareness of his surroundings.
Patients who have allergic reactions to medications should inform their London dentists beforehand to avoid any complication.