13 Apr

Sedation Dentistry is now being offered in Central London

Your Central London dentist can use sedation dentistry to make sure that you have an anxiety-free dental visit, and that you are relaxed during treatment. Dental anxiety and phobia are the cause of a lot of people avoiding the dentist. Your Central London dentist explains that the purpose of sedation is to create a relaxed patient and dental visit That are different types and levels of dental sedation that can be administered by either oral or intravenous means, or both. Sedative drugs such as anti-anxiety medication, depressants, tranquilizers, etc., can be used to achieve the sedative effect. Nitrous oxide has also been shown to be useful in the dental office. Intravenous sedation must be administered by someone with the proper training. Oral sedation dentistry is now being used more often to reduce and even eliminate the fear of dental treatment. The best type of sedation is that which is administered safely, relaxes the patients, and helps them not remember the dental procedure. The benefits of sedation dentistry are multi-sided, including distorting time, so that you don’t know how long you’ve been in the dental chair having a procedure or procedures performed. It is important that you bring a responsible adult to the dental visit with you, as you may require help getting home and caring for yourself for a few hours.