14 Mar

Sedation Helps Eradicate Dental Anxiety in Central London

Dental anxiety is a problem we come across very frequently, but sedation can help. We understand that the prospect of undergoing dental treatment can be very scary and most patients feel nervous when they have an appointment looming. For some, we understand that the fear is very intense and we can offer sedation to reduce anxiety and help you to feel much more relaxed before and during treatment.
How could sedation help me?
Sedation is beneficial for patients who suffer from severe anxiety and dental phobia because it causes the body to fall into a state of relaxation without the risks involved with general anaesthetic, which can be an additional source of anxiety for many. Sedation involves the use of sedative medication, which makes you feel a little sleepy and helps you to feel calm while you have treatment.
Once sedatives have been administered, you will not be able to feel pain, but you will still be conscious. It’s likely that you will not have much recollection of what happened during the procedure afterwards and it does take a little time for the full effects of the medication to wear off.
If you feel anxious or you have a phobia due to negative experiences in the past or a fear of needles or pain or you have an over-sensitive gag reflex, sedation could help. We may also recommend sedation to patients who are undergoing a long procedure.