26 Apr

Sensitive Teeth are Causing Problems in the City of London

Tooth sensitivity may cause individuals to flinch with discomfort when breathing in cold or hot air or consuming foods and drinks of fluctuating temperatures. Acidic and sweet foods may have the same effect.
If you are living in, or visiting the City of London and are experiencing tooth sensitivity, it is worth having the condition checked. Many people suffer from tooth sensitivity for a range of reasons, with some people experiencing tooth sensitivity frequently, while others only intermittently.

Causes of Tooth Sensitivity

There are a quite a few things that may cause tooth sensitivity besides temperature, acid and sweetness triggers. Dentin hypersensitivity occurs when the enamel surface layer of the tooth becomes eroded, such as due to tooth decay, improper bite and excessive unsafe teeth whitening.
Receding or inflamed gums from improper teeth brushing or gum disease also causes teeth sensitivity. Other health conditions, such as migraines, may transmit pain through the nervous system to the teeth resulting in dental sensitivity.

Tooth Sensitivity Onset

When the sensitive fluid-containing channel of dentin becomes exposed, when the tooth enamel erodes, the damage irritates the pulp, which contains nerves and transmits pain. Tooth sensitivity may be mild to severe depending on the threshold of this irritation and pain.

Treating and Preventing Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity may be treated by addressing the cause of the underlying irritation and pain. For example, root canal treatment removes infection from dental pulp eliminating tooth sensitivity and pain.
Desensitising dental gels and laser treatment are also effective options to reduce sensitivity of teeth. Dentists in the City of London recommend tooth sensitivity treatments after appropriately assessing patient needs.
Tooth sensitivity may be prevented through healthy diet and lifestyle, proper oral hygiene practice and teeth brushing, using toothpastes designed for sensitive teeth, and having dentist professional teeth whitening rather than at-home teeth bleaching.