01 May

Settling for a dental bridge in the city of London

There are many ways in which to plug up the gap in your mouth caused by a lost tooth, but in the city of London, there is no better way than to opt for a tried and tested method that has been around for many years now- the dental bridge. This versatile fitting comes in various guises, depending on where in the mouth the tooth has gone missing, but if you look after it and learn to clean it properly, it should last you a good 20 years.
A single crown attached to one tooth will incorporate wires and resin in order to bond the bridge into place; other bridges can come in the form of a single or multiple teeth bonded to two crowns that are then cemented onto the teeth that remain. Sometimes for bridging over two or three lost teeth, a mini-implant can be used to help anchor the bridge. In all cases however, extra attention needs to be paid when it comes to cleaning the bridge as food can often get stuck between the gums and the bridge- your dentist will be able to guide you through this.
Once in however, there is no doubt about how affective the bridge is both from a health angle and a vanity angle. The bridge can help to prevent other teeth from moving and becoming infected and stop the cheeks sagging into the holes. Plus they restore the smile by plugging up those unsightly gaps.