20 Sep

Sex in the City- the 6 Months Smile in Central London!

Modern day braces have come a very long way since the old days in central London; they work so much faster- a whole lot prettier and discreet too than ever before when fitted into place. A prime example of this is the 6 Months Smile…it’s on the label, because that is how long it takes to knock your teeth into shape. It has all the credibility that comes with traditional braces- efficiency and precision, but it takes the theory up a notch by using modern, softer materials in its design in order to hide it better in the mouth. It works fast, that’s because your dentist will keep tightening as your teeth begin to move. Also though, it works at its best on specific problem teeth that show when you smile or open your mouth to talk. It can deal with other tasks as well like overcrowding and biting problems- this seriously is a great brace so you should give it a look before embarking on a period of tooth straightening.