14 Aug

Shaping your Gums in Central London

There are many things that can make your smile rather unsightly and if you’re living in a fast and glamorous place like central London, you need your smile to help back up everything else you have going for you. Your teeth and gums can develop in different ways, however, one thing you can’t cater for is the hereditary genes you get from your parents and this can impact on your mouth; one such hereditary condition is the ‘gummy’ smile. This is where the teeth look tiny because you have far too much gum tissue covering them and from anyone who has this problem, it can seriously interfere psychologically with self-projection. But in this wondrous age of modern dentistry, even this can be remedied. When you opt for the treatment, you will park yourself in the dentist’s chair and then your gums will be numbed. Then the excess gum tissue will be removed from around the teeth by laser- this sounds harsh but a laser works quickly and does very little damage to the gum tissue, meaning that in a few days, they will have healed nicely, any interim discomfort being soothed with mouth-washes and mild painkillers. The overall procedure will only take around thirty minutes and normally, only tissue that shows when you smile will be removed. Depending on how the teeth look, you can opt for veneers to be fitted or some quick laser bleaching to give your teeth a rich, natural finish.