11 Aug

Shaping your Teeth in London

Teeth contouring are one of those lesser known cosmetic treatments in London that helps to bring the smile into line by shaping out-of-shape or maybe chipped teeth and bringing them into alignment with the rest of your smile, and it is all about your smile too. If you look at the way you smile in the mirror, the teeth that show are the ones that will be contoured if needed and because you are not adding to your teeth with intrusive treatments, this procedure is quick and very cheap to have done in comparison. Once you have identified a problem with your dentist- you may have an oversized tooth, tiny chips, worn or pitted teeth, then they can get to work on sorting your problem out. It is always good to do ‘before and after’ comparisons so normally a photo would be taken first. Then your dentist will gently polish away the imperfections until you get the shape you want that enhances your smile. Then to finish off the overall impact, the surrounding teeth will get cleaned and surface polished to complete your smile. There is no need for anaesthetics as the process is completely painless, though afterwards, the teeth may be a little sensitive to temperature change for a couple of days, but another of the benefits to your teeth, as well as the look, is that it can make the teeth easier to clean in some circumstances.