14 May

Should we still be using Fluoride in our water and toothpaste; asks a City of London dentist

As children we were always told of the wonders of Fluoride in the water, but is it really that important in an age when we drink so much bottled water asks a City of London dentist. The simple answer is yes, and the main reason for that is that Fluoride is a natural element that is one of the most common found in all water supplies. Even bottled water has it, so it doesn’t matter if you only drink designer water, you`ll still get the natural protection from it. It works both in our blood system and on the surface of the enamel that our teeth are coated in. When we eat and drink we are putting bacterium in our mouths, this is fine most of the time as this is needed by our digestive system to help break down the fat and sugar that our body needs. In the blood, fluoride helps to keep bad bacteria under control and then take it out of our bodies in our urine. On the teeth it neutralises the acid that bacterium produces; it contains natural alkaline properties that stop acid from wearing away our enamel. If we fail to keep acid under control it will crack our teeth and allow bacteria into the inner chambers, this will decay the teeth and we will lose them before they have served their time. The infections also cause us a lot of pain, lost days off work and expense at the dentist, and all for the sake of a natural product that nature has cleverly put into water to protect our teeth. All in all Fluoride is an essential part of our Oral Hygiene program, it isn`t put into water as most people think. As mentioned it is a natural element prevalent in all water supplies. So, you can carry on using Fluoride water without worrying about the urban myths that the government puts it in against our wishes.