11 Jan

Should You Use Fluoride or Not in London

It has always been pretty much of a given that fluoride is meant to be in toothpaste- when can you ever remember it not to be. These guys who make the stuff know what they’re talking about right? It’s amazing the amount of trust we place in others and their products. But why is there this sudden doubt in fluoride? In its defence, it has been used in toothpaste for a good 50 years now. It has been proven to be very good for tooth care, being used in toothpaste, flosses and mouthwashes. Aside from promoting a good level of saliva in the mouth, it can re-mineralise the enamel in the teeth and actually harden them where the acids caused by bacteria build up have already started to attack. It has been proven to directly fight plaque and prevent tooth decay by neutralising bacterial acids. So what’s the problem? Well it would appear that fluoride is very toxic too. It has been proven that children tend to swallow more toothpaste than they clean with and this can lead to a discoloration in the teeth. In the extreme, just a small tube of fluoride based toothpaste can be fatal for a child. Moreover, what may seem a complete contradiction in terms, there are many dentists, and scientists, against the use of fluoride, claiming that it gets into the blood and settles in the brain. It’s pretty hard, nay harsh, to attack the use of fluoride in toothpastes alone, considering the benefits to oral health, when maybe we should be more concerned about the fluidization of our everyday drinking water in London?