24 Nov

Six-Month Smile braces from London dentist creates dream smile

Teeth straightening technology has advanced in huge strides over the last twenty years. A few decades ago, patients would have been limited to one sort of metal brace, more than likely of the iconic ‘train-track’ variety, to straighten their teeth. These uncomfortable and let’s face it, ugly, metal brackets were effective but came with the obvious drawbacks. It was also true that in most cases braces were fitted to patients during the teenage years which is probably the last time you would want to stand out from the crowd.
Thankfully, since then the improvements in technology have meant that there has been an explosion in the amount of choices available to patients. Whatever your lifestyle there will be a brace that will best suit you. One of the newest braces to hit the market is the Six-Month Smile treatment. By correcting only teeth that are visible when smiling the focussed approach of Six-Month Smile can straighten teeth in, that’s right, only six-months. This is a reduction in treatment time of up to 70 per cent on other more conventional treatments.
Six-Month Smile works by using special nickel-titanium alloy wires to reposition teeth, focusing on the teeth that show at the front. The wires are tooth coloured, which means they are very discreet and only visible when up close to the patient. Six-Month Smile treatments are also especially designed to reduce discomfort, which as any brace wearer can tell you, is a major factor when they are initially fitted and tightened.
Six-Month Smile braces are mostly suitable for patients with minor overcrowding issues. Any serious overcrowding or alignment problems may need to be corrected with other braces before the Six-Month Smile brace can be used to add the finishing aesthetic touches. They are perfect for patients wishing to create a perfect smile in a discreet and comfortable way. Ask a London dentist about the Six-Month Smile braces and you could have the straight teeth you have always wanted.