11 Oct

Six-Month Smile braces from London dentist straightens teeth in record time

For patients who have always dreamed of straight teeth put couldn’t face the prospect of having to wear ugly and uncomfortable braces or retainers for as long as three years, there is finally another option. Patients will now be able to achieve the perfect smile they have always wanted in as little as six months, with the aptly named Six-Month Smile treatment.
Six-month Smile can be used to treat orthodontic concerns such as overcrowding, spacing and problems arising with bite. It is able to achieve incredible results in such a short time because, unlike more conventional braces, the treatment focuses on only correcting the position of teeth that show when you smile. Using specially designed nickel titanium wires, the teeth are repositioned so that those at the front are able to move into more natural looking positions. Because of this more focused approach, treatment time can be reduced by as much as 75 per cent compared to regular braces.
Other advantages that the Six-Month system has over regular metal braces are that the wires are small and tooth-coloured meaning that they are far more discreet than metal ‘train-track’ braces. The levels of discomfort felt by the patient are also reduced when compared to conventional metal braces, and even Invisalign clear braces.
It must be said, that although Six-Month braces are discreet, they cannot compete in this department with the virtually invisible Invisalign braces. However, treatment will be significantly shorter and the accompanying cost is greatly reduced. Two more reasons why more and more patients are opting for Six-Month Smiles.
Six-Month Smile braces, like all orthodontic treatments, may involve a small a mount of discomfort but this will be a great deal smaller than with other straightening systems. Once fitted, the patient will require ten to fifteen minute appointments every four weeks to adjust the wires.
A London dentist will be able to provide you with further information about the advantages of Six-Month Smile braces. If they are suitable for you, you could have the beautiful straight smile you’ve always wanted, in under six-months.