02 Jan

Six week straightening with Inman aligner from Central London dentist

The Inman aligner is a revolutionary orthodontic straightening device that has the incredible advantage of being able to straighten teeth in only six to sixteen weeks. Considering that some conventional braces can take up to two years of treatment to gain results, this really is a leap forward in straightening technology.
The Inman aligner also has other advantages over more traditional braces as it is completely removable. This means it can be taken out to clean teeth effectively and also for meal times meaning no food is off limits. More mature patients can also remove the aligner for important occasions such as an interview or presentation at work.
The Inman aligner is especially suited for patients with mild to moderate misalignment issues who previously may have resorted to veneers. This would have involved irreversible enamel removal that is not necessary with the Inman aligner. However, for patients with existing veneers or crowns, the Inman aligner can be used in conjunction with these treatments.
With some orthodontic treatments it is necessary to have regular uncomfortable tightening sessions with the dentist. This is not so with the Inman aligner, which only requires short fifteen minute check up appointments, with no tightening, every five weeks. The aligner works by creating room for the front teeth by moving the lateral teeth out using the power of a coiled spring. A metal bar along the front of the teeth (the only visible part of the brace when fixed in the mouth) straightens the front teeth discreetly and quickly.
The Inman aligner is the fastest acting brace on the market and since its introduction to this country has been very popular with teenagers and adults alike wishing to put the finishing touches to their smiles. Central London dentists are offering the Inman aligner for patients wishing to create the perfect smile without the hassle and irritation of traditional metal braces