04 Nov

Sizzling in 6 Months in the City of London

It is so refreshing to see that dentistry has got its act together over the past thirty or so years in the city of London; it has developed in so many different ways to cater for anything that goes wrong in the mouth. One area of particular interest is how the arm of orthodontics has progressed over the years; there are so many brilliant braces and aligners available to help straighten your teeth fast and discreetly and there is one in particular that sums up this development perfectly- the 6 Months Smile. This is a fixed brace; now that in the past would conjure up horrible images of long and horrible looking tooth alignment, but fixed braces work with precision and this device utilises all of the old theories that fixed braces had to offer, but with a modern twist. For starters, it utilises modern plates and wires in order to make it look as discreet in the mouth as possible and then it is constantly tightened by your dentist to keep your teeth moving fast. But although this brace can sort out a myriad of issues with your teeth, its best role is when it is attacking those ‘inappropriate’ teeth that show the most in your smile. Yet it does it quickly, quicker than most- the title gives it away.