27 Mar

Sleep apnea and heart failure: get the facts from London dentists

Sleep apnea is a potentially disruptive condition that affects the sufferer’s ability to sleep. It can have a significant impact on the patient’s life and ought to be taken seriously. Thankfully your dentist can help diagnosing sleep apnea so you can begin to deal with the condition.
If you are having a disrupted sleep because you keep on waking up, it might be that you have sleep apnea. Sleep apnea occurs when the muscles at the rear of the mouth relax to such an extent during sleep that insufficient oxygen is drawn into the lungs. At this point the brain will send a signal for the body to wake up because it is not getting enough oxygen.
The disruption to patterns of sleep can leave the sufferer experiencing extreme fatigue during the day. This can impair their ability to drive safely and operate heavy machinery. But perhaps the most serious potential complication is the increased risk of heart failure and strokes. This is because sleep apnea patients tend to experience hypertension because of their inadequate sleep.
High risk groups for sleep apnea are those who smoke tobacco or drink alcohol before sleeping. Those who are obese also have a greater chance of experiencing sleep apnea. Your dentist is ideally placed to diagnose sleep apnea because they have access to the muscles at the back of the mouth which can cause the problem.
There are a number of solutions to sleep apnea, which involve the patient wearing a device in their mouth while they sleep to ensure that the flow of oxygen to the lungs is unhindered. If you are worried about sleep apnea, don’t delay, make an appointment to visit your London dentist today.