20 Mar

Smashing Smile Makeovers, Just in Time for Summer

Summer is coming and it’s the perfect time to start planning and looking forward to exciting events. If you’ve got weddings, holidays or landmark birthdays to look forward to and you’re hoping to look your best, why not consider a smile makeover?
Our bespoke smile makeover service offers the opportunity to create your dream smile. We use the latest treatments and techniques and every makeover we do is different. We involve you in the design process and we are here every step of the way to support you and share your joy when you look in the mirror and see the finished result for the first time!

About smile makeovers

The aim of a smile makeover is to overhaul the look of the smile and create the smile of your dreams. If you hide when a camera comes out, you hide your smile at interviews or find yourself staring longingly and enviously at other people’s smiles or pouring over magazine pages, why not do something about it and give us a call? A beautiful smile could soon be yours.
Smile makeovers comprise of a number of different dental treatments and we have cosmetic, orthodontic and restorative treatments at our disposal to cater for any aesthetic flaw. Whether you have stained, chipped or broken teeth, you have gaps in your smile or your teeth are crooked, uneven or crowded, we have the solutions and we will work with you to draw up a treatment plan to produce your perfect smile.
Every smile makeover is unique, but here are some of the most popular treatments we use to achieve a new look:

  • teeth whitening
  • porcelain veneers
  • cosmetic braces
  • cosmetic bonding
  • white fillings
  • porcelain crowns
  • dental bridges
  • dental implants

We can also complement a new smile with facial aesthetic treatment.