12 Oct

Smile Makeovers by London Dentist

You walk into the London Dental Clinic and tell the dental staff that you are there for a smile makeover. Let us explain what the process is going to be! You will speak to your London dentist and tell them that you are interested in a smile makeover. After speaking awhile and trying to find out what your exact cosmetic needs and wants are, the dentist will then come up with an all inclusive therapeutic treatment plan just for you. Your smile makeover may involve one dental procedure, or a combination of procedures, such as whitening your teeth, dental bonding, porcelain veneers, dental crowns and/or bridges, and/or orthodontics. You may also want your gummy smile to be gone, if you have one. All of these procedures can be performed by your London-based dentist.
A complete oral and facial examination must be carried out prior to determining a course of action. A full mouth X-ray exam will be performed, along with a periodontal charting, and bite registration. Gingivitis/periodontitis and bite discrepancies should be addressed prior to starting a smile makeover. If other teeth in the mouth have problems, these problems should also be addressed. The time spent to make sure that your mouth is healthy prior to a smile makeover is well worth it! If however, you only want aesthetic improvements; your smile transformation will not take long. Your London dentist, however, will make sure that you know what needs to be done to your mouth to make sure that is it healthy.
With this out of the way, what is a smile makeover? Your London dentist will go over every step of the process with you. Your dentist will look at your general appearance, face, skin complexion, hair, eyes, lips, and gums. Pictures will be taken of your teeth, along with impressions of your mouth and stone models will be fabricated. The dentist will show you the result that they have in mind, either on a computer screen or by adding white wax to your dental model(s). As previously mentioned, there are numerous procedures that can be used to obtain the desired result. You have a choice of the procedures that you want used, and your London dentist will can over different options available to you.